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Blindness (the Film)

จีคลับมือถือBlindness (the Film)

On Friday the film Blindness will be released to general audiences. This film, which is an adaptation of the 1995 Jose Saramago novel of the same name. This film portrays a society afflicted by a sudden onset of blindness that instantly turns the residence into helpless animals. The National Federation of the Blind has released the following information in an attempt to clarify the alarming misconceptions this film may ingender in viewers. Please take a moment to read and consider this information before watching this… thing.

Read the NFB’s FAQ About the Movie

Finish This Song

Finish This Song

I’m laying in bed and have the following stuck in my head. Rather than look it up I’m asking if anyone else remembers this gem.
Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts Mutilated monkey meat French fried parakeet
That’s pretty much all I’ve got. Now that it’s stuck in your head and on the way out of mine I’m going to sleep.

iTunes Accessibility and Other Updates

iTunes Accessibility and Other Updates

On Friday I went to Watertown, MA to participate in an exciting press conference announcing an agreement between Apple Inc., The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, and the National Federation of the Blind to make the iTunes software, store, and iTunes U accessible to blind people. It was the first time that I’ve participated in a press conference and I think it went pretty well. You can read the AP story announcing the agreement.

I did learn something from this flight. I should never try changing flights to get back early. I was originally scheduled for an 18:30 flight coming back to Baltimore. My colleague was on a 17:30 flight and I asked f I could change to get back a little faster. There was an open seat and I got on the flight. While we were going through security his wife called and said the 17:30 had been pushed to 19:00. Groan. Sure enough, the flight didn’t get off until 19:45. We ended up having to go through security twice too owing to the fact that the section of the airport we were in had almost no options for food.

Also, a quick update. I finally got the blogroll caught up with reality. Hopefully I haven’t missed anyone.

In other news. We endedup at the Cheesecake Factory Tuesday night since ESPN Zone was closed for a private event. I still need to get my skiball and airhockey game on. ??

Blogabirthaversary Day

Blogabirthaversary Day

So not only is today my 26th birthday it is also the sixth anniversary of blogging. Stop looking at the archives, you won’t find where I’ve squirreled those first posts away. (There on another site and someday I might migrate them over, but they’re from a time in my life where things were just… um… Nuts? Yeah, that describes it).

Anyway, my blogaversary aside. I got some pretty cool stuff for my Birthday. Treva bought me a Charging Station from Think Geek that i have on the headboard. I’m no longer sleeping in a sea of cords. ?? She also got me a multi-colored LED light buld that sadly needs replacing and the complete box set of the Gilmore Girls. Excellent stuff!

Tonight we’re just relaxing. Mondays are officiall the suck and no one should ever do anything on them. ?? Tomorrow we’re heading to ESPN Zone. I have an unexplainable desire to play some air hockey and Skiball but decided Chuck-E-Cheese wasn’t “adult” enough. For some reasons people keep telling me they don’t understand why I think I’m too mature. Brats. All of you! ??

Hopefully we’ll have some good pics to post.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes electronic and otherwise. Ya’ll rock!

Seven Years

Seven Years

Every once in a while an event happens and it has enough of an impact that people ask “where were you when…” I doubt any of us alive on September 11th, 2001 will forget where we were when we heard that our country had been viciously attacked.

It was my Freshman year of college. My roommate and I had left the television on overnight. When I woke up, I heard a news report that sounded incredibly confused and disjointed. I fell back asleep for about a half an hour, thinking that I was having a strange dream. When I finally woke and realized what was happening I couldnt believe it was real.

I actually went to my class and most of us were sitting around talking about what happened. Everyone was in shock. When the professor came in and started class as if nothing happened people asked him what he was thinking. His response, “If we stop moving on they win.” Most of us were pretty bugged by that.

Too many lives were lost that day in acts of senseless terrorism. Too many lives changed forever. Never forget what happened.

Epi linked to a post from Lucy which tells a moving story of how a group of eighth graders learned that Freedom Isn’t Free.